Notes from the Shop

The X-bracing system is a fundamental component of the modern acoustic guitar, and it is always made from two pieces of wood notched where they cross, then patched in some way to repair the notching. I have developed what I think is a better way to execute the X brace in which there is no notch and therefore nothing to repair. ...

Although it's easy to buy already-made herringbone these days, I prefer to make my own from scratch. The main reason is that is just fun, but it also allows me to do things like this - make a circular herringbone for inlay as the center stripe around a dreadnought's sound hole..

Check out this demo by Hayes Griffin of my most recent Herringbone D28-style dreadnought build:

Next build


My next guitar, with some assembly required. Adirondack Spruce, Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Ebony, Aspen, and bone.