Case Making


I have been making cases for about ten years now, but I've only recently developed a method that I like a lot. My earlier approaches either took way too much time, or were too heavy, or I wasn't satisfied with the finished product. Here a few of the hard things in case making.

It still takes me a while to make a case, but I can interleave it with work on guitars, so it doesn't add a lot of extra time to the schedule. In the foreground, for example, is a case for the  D28 herringbone in Hayes Griffen's latest video, while in the background is the D18 Super-Light guitar that I'm currently building.

There is definitely a lot of overlap in skills and techniques between guitar and case building, at least how I do it. Every time a case top or bottom comes out of the vacuum press, I give it a good thump to hear its tap tones, and they are surprisingly good. It always makes me want to build a stand-up bass (one of these days :-).