Building a herringbone rosette for the sound hole


Although it's easy to buy already-made herringbone these days, I prefer to make my own from scratch. The main reason is that is just fun, but it also allows me to do things like this - make a circular herringbone for inlay as the center stripe around a dreadnought's sound hole..

Although you can  bend a herringbone strip that's been made straight around the curves of the body for purfurling, the sound hole radius is much smaller and in my experience, it always distorts and breaks, leading to a less-than-satisfactory result.

Much easier to build it in a circle. Here I have placed an inner black & white veneer around the form, then one half of the herringbone, and the herringbone center strip.

Here is the other half of the the herringbone ready to be heated - I use a controller and heating blanket from LMI. This makes it easy to bend into place without issues. The second photo shows both halves of the herringbone in place with the outer white and black veneers.

And finally - the completed rosette on the top it is going into.